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Beautiful handmade heat therapy bags for aches and pains (650g)

  • Natural heat therapy bag for aches and pains
  • Provides targeted pain relief for conditions such as arthritis, muscular pain, PMS, back pain, restless leg syndrome, tension, fibromyalgia, rheumatic disease, headaches and more
  • Designed for use as a hot or cold compress (microwavable/chill it in the freezer for a cold compress)
  • Retains heat for up to 40 minutes at a time


Flaxseed & Lavender Heat Therapy Bag Dots (Royal Blue) | FLAXi

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  • Product Details

    • How it works: Heat penetrates a few centimeters into the tissue and stimulates the skins sensory receptors when the tissue temperature rises. Heat decreases transmission of pain signals to the brain and helps to increase blood flow to the injured area, which in turn expedites healing.
    • LAVENDER: Soothes the nerves (anxiety), improves sleep (insomnia), stabilize mood (depression) and relieves pain (analgesic) During the heat process the fragrance is released and by inhaling the lavender stimulates the part of the brain connected to the smell The molecules that enter the nose pass to the lungs, and from there, to other parts of the body
    • FLAXSEED Provides a gentle moist heat which promotes healing. Flaxseeds are flower seeds, rather than grains, so they contain 30 - 40% oil which remains inside the seed to be warmed again and again

  • Ingredients

    • Outer: Natural cotton handcrafted in South Africa 
    • Inner: Filled with food-grade Flaxseed and organic Cape Lavender

  • Suggested Use

    Heat Therapy: Place your FLAXi Bag in the microwave on high for 2 minutes, and place the bag over the affected area 

    Cold Compress: Place the FLAXi Bag in a sealed freezer bag and place in freezer for approximately 30 minutes; Place the bag over the affected area

  • Storage

    Care Instructions

    • To clean your FLAXi Bag, gently dab the bag with a damp sponge.
    • Do not wash or immerse in water! Store your FLAXi Bag in a sealed container, to preserve the lavender fragrance. Tip: add a lavender scented soap to store in the container with your FLAXi to enhance the lavender fragrance during storage
    • Replace your FLAXi Bag every year or so.
    • For heating check that microwave is clean to not stain bag with food particles. Place in plastic bag when using it in freezer as cold press

  • Warning

    Do not heat the FLAXi Bag for more than 3 minutes in the microwave. Never cover a heated Flaxi bag. Should your FLAXi get burned in the microwave or you notice a burning smell, let it cool and dispose of it.