White teeth | Healthy smile, Pure detox with Cocobaci (Lemon and Fennel Sparkle)

Cocobaci’s Oil Pulling products detoxify the body and brighten your teeth for a healthy, happy smile in 15 days.  Contents:  15 x 8ml sachets

If you want to limit painful visits to the dentist, then Cocobaci Oil pulling is for you.

Cocobaci Oil Pulling is a natural solution to oral health.  Give your smile the treatment it deserves.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

  • Assists with oral hygiene
  • Minimized bacteria and plaque
  • Brighter whiter smile within days!
  • Can help lessen the effects of hangovers
  • Can help to prevent and relieve headaches
  • Supports the body's natural ability to detoxify

White teeth | Healthy smile, Pure detox with Cocobaci (Lemon and Fennel Sparkle)

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  • Product Details

    15 Day Oil Pulling Program for White teeth and healthy Smile.  How does it work?

    • Oil Pulling?  What's that about? 
    • Almost every natural treatment in the last 5000 years has roots in Ayurvedic Medicine.  It literally means Life Science and Knowledge and it is from this that we will help to restore balance and vitality.
    • Oil pulling means to literally  pull prospective disease causing pathogens and bacteria from the body.
    • Thousands of good and bad bacteria make their home in your mouth and attaches itself to plaque.  Everything you put in your mouth makes its way to your body.  All those pesticides, hormones and hidden chemicals
    • With Oil Pulling Coconut oil is swirled in the mouth for 10-20 minutes. This process dislodges plaque and bacteria from the mouth. by spitting it out
    • Happy Mouth, Happy Body
    • With Cocobaci Oil Pulling program you can help improve oral hygiene naturally


    • When is the best time to use Cocobaci?
    • Your body detoxifies mostly during the night and waking up with bad breath is a sure sign that your body needs some help.  Mornings are the best time and we recommend doing it on an empty stomach
    • Do I use Cocobaci before of after cleaning my teeth?
    • We recommend that you use it before you brush your teeth, but anytime is a good time for Cocobaci
    • Why do I have to spit it out?
    • The main aim of oil pulling is to dislodge bacteria from the mouth and prevent it from entering the body through the digestive tract.  Swallowing it would defeat the purpose
    • I am pregnant, can I use Cocobaci?
    • Cocobaci is made from all natural ingredients and is safe for all to use even if suffering from tender gums.
    • Can children use it and from what age?
    • Yes children can and should definitely use Cocobaci, it will also help them become aware of oral hygiene and the importance of dental care
    • Can I use Cocobaci for longer than the 15 day program?
    • Cocobaci is a totally natural and complimentary product, much like vitamins and mineral supplements.  You can safely use it every day for as long as you like
    • Why is it used for 15 days and should it be used consecutively?
    • According to Ayurveda, 15 days is the minimum recommended days to provide an effective result
    • When can I expect brighter teeth?
    • It is different for everyone as the degree of staining is determined by your diet etc. but most users can see a visible difference from around the 5th day of using Cocobaci consecutively

  • Ingredients

    Natural and Certified Organic; Not tested on animals;  Halal

    Enjoy Cocobaci in 3 Flavours:

    • Raspberry Kisses: Cocos Nucifera (virgin coconut) oil; Rasbperry (flavor) Oil; Quercuspedunculata (oak) bud extract
    • Fennel & Lemon Sparkle: Cococ Nusifera (virgin Coconut) oil; Quercuspedunculata (oak) bud extract, Fennel oil;  Citrus limonium (lemon) oil
    • Mint: Cocos Nucifera (virgin coconut) oil;  Spearmint (flavor) Oil; Peppermint Oil;  Quercuspedunculata (oak) bud extract

  • Suggested Use

    Start the Cocobaci 15-Day Oil Pulling Program by simply opening the sachet and swirling the oil in your mouth. Plaque and unwanted substances become encapsulated in the oil and are discarded by spitting them out after a few minutes

    • Step 1: Tear sachet squeeze contents into mouth
    • Step 2: Swirl for 10 - 20 minutes
    • Step 3: Spit out and smile!

  • Storage

    Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

  • Warning

    If you are prone get dermatitis from Coconut Oil, it is not recommended to use Cocobaci